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Password manager – 7 pros, zero cons


Nowadays a password management software is necessary for digital security The general consensus about its necessity and safety notwithstanding, a huge amount of people still prefer the good old method of writing down passwords on small pieces of paper. Why is that so? The majority of modern and practical changes to our lives are accepted easily, even gladly, so why not this one? Below, you will find 7 reasons and solutions, that will significantly improve the state of security of your data and accesses.


A password manager uses an advanced form of encryption, namely AES, that protects your passwords from undesired persons. AES-256 is currently the strongest form of AES encryption and in many cases, it’s being used to protect sensitive data by various governments.

Typing out passwords

A password manager lets you log in to every account and profile you own. The only thing you need is the master password which holds all your other passwords encrzpted and secure. This password is known only to you and thanks to it, you are spared of the constant typing out of various passwords for each login.

Secure Me

SaferPass offers a unique function for emergency cases.Secure Me can log you out of all profiles that you’ve left logged in on avdevice, that you already left. In the same remote way, you can also delete cookies and browsing history.


Compatibility and mobility

A password manager can be downloaded for your desktop PC and Mac, as well as your mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the app’s synchronization between individual devices and a cloud solution for storing encrypted data, you always have access to all your passwords and accounts, anytime, anyplace.

No more papers

Technically speaking, a password scribbled on a piece of paper in your home’s safety, can be the safest option under the right circumstances. Sadly, if you’re like the majority of the population and own several profiles/accounts with different passwords, you can find yourself not able to remember them, when not at home.

Password generator

A strong password manager will offer the generation of random, unique passwords. These can be used for any of your saved profiles. The new password is saved under your master password and is then deleted from the generator. Randomly generated passwords including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters with a length of 12 and more are a hard nut to crack, especially for brute force attacks (a method used by hackers, that “forcefully guesses” your password with the use of a software that tries combinations of words and/or letters from dictionaries and special databases).

One more simple tip that doesn’t take a lot of your time, nor energy. Verify that every website you visit uses the secure https:// protocol. You should be able to see this directly in your browser – in the website’s address field. Sites that use the https protocol are more trustworthy and will surely grow in number rapidly, because of a high chance, that https will be one of the main factors for good SEO in the near future. Think about the websites you visit and what they are used for.

Almost every one of us has a big amount of online profiles and accounts. It’s not enough to realize the risk involved with the treatment of sensitive information on the internet. You need to actively take steps towards the mitigation of such risk, use the right tools and in many cases good old common sense. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips and habits in the comments and, of course, to try SaferPass password manager today.

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