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Necessary product upgrade error


We are very sorry about the trouble you are experiencing; we will do our best to help you. You have found this page because the product update did not went as expected, so the following screen did appear.

What to do next?

In this case, it’s necessary for you to contact our support. Please send us the details of the data processing error by clicking on copy to clipboard under the error message and send it to us via

In order to get access to your data, please download an older version of password manager as you have until now. Download here.

We understand your frustration, therefore this version of the product is here to ease your discomfort. Please, feel free to use it to it for the time being. 

But please be advised, this is only a temporary product, which doesn’t support synchronization between devices.

We will contact you for any additional questions and with further steps, which depend on the occurred issue.

How can you prepare?

After you install the older version of our product, we recommend you export your data and store it securely, or we might ask you to do so.

    • You can do so by going to the “Settings” either in your browser extension or in mobile app, scrolling down to the “Data” section and clicking on “Export data”.
  • Fill out the form and click “Export data”. 
  • For a better security, choose “Password-protected file” option, that enables you to set any password for the exported file.
  • Please, don’t lose this file, and store it in a secure location, in case it’s needed later.

What to do after the issue is fixed?

  1. After we fix the issue, we will contact you. You will need to close your account, provided that you already exported your data, if not please do so.
  2. After you close your account write back to us.
  3. Once we answer you, you will be required to register into the new version of the password manager with the same e-mail as you had in the old version.
  4. To do so, go to, download and install the newest version of password manager to your device.

In case it’s needed, after registering, please import our previously exported data to our upgraded password manager.

    • You can do so by opening our account list and clicking on “Import accounts” either in your browser extension or in mobile app. Or by going to “Settings”, scrolling down to “Data” section and clicking on “Import data”.
  • Both ways will open the same import form, fill it out, choose the import file and click “Continue”.

Thank you for our patience and understanding.

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SaferPass is also available
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