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We would like to share the practical uses of SaferPass with you, so in today’s article we will share an email we received from a freelancer who works remotely for several clients and has to deal with login/logout issues in various systems and apps on a daily basis. The email explains that digital freelancers of all kinds can harness the power of SaferPass to its maximum potential. Read on for the full transcription of the email from a user who can’t stop praising us.


To: The whole SaferPass team

Subject: Keep up the good work!

A good day to the whole SaferPass team :),

Firstly, I would like to send huge kudos to everyone involved in this project. It’s tough in today’s oversaturated digital market, so – well done.

I would like to share a recent experience I had with your product that will surely come in handy for other users, specifically freelancers. I am currently a freelance graphic designer and social media manager for a wide spectrum of clients.  For certain clients, I need to visit their offices regularly and do my work on computers with accounts set up for me. This is where I run into a problem known to many freelancers.

If I want to take a day to work from home to wait for a delivery or for some other reason, there’s always a complication in regards to my remote log in. The client is not able to lend me a company laptop because they are reserved for home office needs for their employees and are not shared with freelancers.  I’m guessing it’s for security reasons.  Basically, the client wants me on-site and doesn’t want to grant me permission to log in using my personal computer from home. I’m guessing this is also for security reasons, but I need to somehow make it work.

Therefore, I started looking online for a solution that would suit me, as well as my clients. When I found SaferPass, I contacted one of my clients excitedly and told him that I had solved our dilemma regarding my home-office if he would be willing to accept a solution that ensures a secure login process via a password manager.

The client was skeptical at first, but I was lucky and managed to persuade him to give SaferPass a try.  Since then, I’ve been logging into my clients’ company accounts using SaferPass and everything is working out as planned. I’ve managed to persuade most of my other clients to give SaferPass a fair chance and now they can’t stop talking about the practicality and ease-of-use of it.

This is why I strongly recommend SaferPass to all my fellow freelancers so they can learn about it and experience its advantages first-hand. It has helped me quite a lot and it can help them, as well. Thank you for your time and effort.  I wish you all the best and many successful milestones.

Best regards,

Your Big Fan


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SaferPass is also available
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