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Managing Your Summer with SaferPass Password Manager

Summer is coming, popular destinations are crowded and web pages offering accommodation or flight tickets receive significantly more traffic. Vacations planned in travel agencies are seldom nowadays – all we need is online.

travelcoverMany people choose to create their vacations by themselves. The most important is to have a clever companion with you, that will at least lighten the burden of arranging your vacation, always ready to help you. This companion is Saferpass Password Manager.

How can a password manager help you during your vacation? We will show you with the following use-cases:

Reservations of accommodation and flight tickets

Luckily, there are many services which offer the optimal accommodation and travel but each of them requires a registration, a profile, logging in and logging out, confirmations etc. This can be a real drag when you are planning a complex vacation, so why not make it easier by using your phone when away from your computer, to handle reservations and/or flight confirmations?

Assuming you save the credentials of your newly created accounts on sites like Booking, Trivago, and others to your SaferPass extension directly in your browser, you’ll have a practical way of accessing them on your phone or tablet. This way, you don’t have to wait till you get to your computer to continue arranging your vacation.

Another advantage is that you can present your reservations at a reception or an airport, if there’s something wrong with the local system. Simply open a browser on your phone and use the SaferPass master password to log in. You can always show your confirmations to “confused” or “unaccommodating” workers because you’ll always have them at hand.


In the case you’re already successfully on your travels, and your road leads you to places where you’ll need the internet (if it’s available in the country you’re in), take great care when connecting to public hotspots or on computers in an internet cafe, and of course as well as when logging into your favorite websites.

If not entirely necessary, do not use public networks at all. Even hotel wireless networks don’t have to be secured sufficiently and by logging in, even once, you’re risking that your credentials will land in someone else’s hands. If you really need to access one of your accounts, use the browser in your phone, equipped with the SaferPass extension which carries your various credentials for accounts you regularly use.

Thanks to SaferPass you’ll effectively bypass the actual filling in of the credentials and so, prevent a potential attacker to obtain them through a man-in-the-middle attack. The relaxed summer atmosphere can blunt your caution and we definitely don’t want you to stress about your digital security rather than enjoying your vacation fully. Bon voyage!

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