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One in six e-mail or social accounts hijacked

Phishing (what is phishing?) poses the greatest threat to users’ privacy, followed by keyloggers, and finally third-party breaches, Google’s research team revealed this week. Googlers and a team from University of California, Berkeley investigated how black markets work. To have an idea how big the problem is you should know 15% of Internet users experienced the takeover of their e-mails or social networking accounts which is approximately 1 in six users.

Google ramps up their security measures

As the scale of generally underreported account hijacking is much larger than previously thought, it’s not too late to improve your security practices. In light of their research findings, Google implemented several measures that improved prevention (like Safe Browsing in Chrome), detection (those prompts when you log in from a different computer) and mitigation (acting quickly when a breach or takeover happens).

SaferPass is going ahead in this direction and serves advanced users across the globe, and now finally also Google understands the importance of the proactive and user-friendly cross-platform security measures. With billions of user accounts being Google’s core product after all, they don’t want to pull another Yahoo! Even the notorious Equifax breach started when weak administrator passwords were broken.

Anti-phishing innovations in SaferPass

We’re excited to work on a set of security features for intelligent prevention of phishing and account hijacking for the security of our mums (and all our users). In addition to notifying all SaferPass users, both free and premium, of password breaches as soon as they’re disclosed this phishing prevention will be unique among password managers.

Do you want to start good security practices but need a complete beginner’s guide? Head over to TheBestVPN and check their to-do list. Security professionals say the one thing everyone needs to start with is to use password managers. With SaferPass you get much more and most importantly, you’re free to use whichever browser you like, Safari, Edge or Chrome and work on all your devices with peace of mind.

To prevent your friends’ accounts being hijacked share the good news with today! Sharing is caring and if you share SaferPass with those you care for, you can all get SaferPass Premium for free!*

*SaferPass Password Manager is free to use and saves, encrypts and generates strong passwords out of the box. Share SaferPass with 6 of your friends and get a complimentary annual Premium subscription. Your friends will get an extended SaferPass Premium trial so they can try out all the features.


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SaferPass is also available
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