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Strong passwords and a good security hygiene are no longer enough to cover all of the threats that lurk in the digital world. That’s why SaferPass has some expert advice for taking the security of your online profile to a higher level.

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1. Automatic updates

The updating of your operating systems – whether Windows or Mac OS – is an absolute necessity but if your updates are set up for manual confirmation each time before they install, it can come to a breach by something new out of the hackers workshop which could slip through the cracks. The same goes for your browser which protects you from a lot of online unpleasantries. Google Chrome, for example, has its updates set up in such a way, that in most cases, the user isn’t even aware that an update is happening. This can be checked in your browser’s settings of course, but the real added value is not the automatic nature of the update itself but rather the fact, that vulnerabilities can be patched very quickly for large amounts of users.

2. Two-factor authentication

Many of you will be familiar with two-factor authentication, at least from your internet banking service – you log in using your credentials and as a second step, you have to enter a pass-code received on your smartphone, grid card or card reader device. The security of this kind of authentication is incomparably higher than the use of common login credentials.

The Fido Alliance – a security firm focused on online authentication offers an even more powerful solution using a “universal 2nd factor” in the form of USB stick, which serves as the second step in a two-factor authentication for any service you would like to access.

3. Plugins

Plugins for your browsers, whether an add-on or an extension should not be underestimated. Sure, they can not replace an anti-virus software but they can contribute to your internet security – give you an accurate overview of how much and what kind of data is being asked and transferred between your computer and the server of the site that you’re currently visiting, block certain advertisements and malware or even warn you about an untrustworthy site. Take a good look at the extensions on the marketplace for your browser and while you’re there, check out the newest version of SaferPass’ Password Manager.

4. Bonus Tip for the really advanced

For those of you who don’t have any problem with IT terminology and also applying this knowledge in a practical way, we recommend the ultimate internet security and privacy guide – everything from the basic use of VPN and encrypted communication to the TOR browser, neatly sorted and categorized. If you’re in the market for a complete update of your security measures, don’t hesitate to thoroughly go through this guide.

We would also like to remind you of one of the most important security habits that, unfortunately, is also one of the most overlooked – do NOT reuse your passwords for multiple sites and accounts. This is the most helpful thing you could do for potential attackers.

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