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As more and more time is being spent browsing the internet, people tend to leave many of their favourite tabs opened, often not signed-in or with passwords written on post-its on their desks. We hear many voices preaching better security hygiene, especially in the case of passwords, yet users rarely care about this aspect of their web experience. The SaferPass extension which works directly in your browser is perfect for those, who could not be bothered with technologically demanding solutions that require know-how that most users often lack.


Let’s say, that an average user has about 10 different accounts that he or she uses regularly every day. Let’s then say, that it takes about 3-5 seconds to enter one’s login credentials (in case of stronger passwords even longer). Just do a quick math and you will see that this time can be spent more effectively if you have the right tool that does this for you. Like for example the SaferPass extension.

All your passwords are safely encrypted in SaferPass and saved with a master password – the only one you’ll need to remember. This will not only significantly improve your life on a practical note but also enable you to create new – stronger and more complex – passwords for your current and new accounts. The result is an overall security improvement of your internet profile and an additional ease-of-access feature to your favorite web tools and places.

SaferPass Extension offers the following:

  • greater comfort: thanks to the password manager you save time which would otherwise be lost while entering login credentials over and over again
  • greater security: our main goal, a safer user environment for everyone on the internet
  • greater productivity: using additional features like Secure Me and the random password generator, you can truly get the maximum out of your browser.

Unlike desktop applications, which need to be tediously installed and set up, SaferPass comes as a functionality extension for your browser. After downloading a relatively small file and confirming its launch, SaferPass will be integrated into your browser where it will stay active every time it is being used.

When the program first launches, you’ll be prompted to enter your SaferPass account credentials – in case you do not have an account yet, you’ll be given the option to register one – and after entering an e-mail address and a password the extension will be good to go. Whenever you need to access one of its features, simply click on the SaferPass icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.


In the next step you can add individual web profiles and accounts. The password manager will remember credentials to all websites you wish. For the logging in into said accounts, you’ll be only asked to use the master password, all the other information will be safely stored inside the SaferPass extension.


It is not just a powerful and efficient password manager, the SaferPass extension offers additional features, which will make your experience even more comfortable. Make use out of the password generator that will help you create random, strong and complex passwords of your choice. The character count and the use of special characters, uppercase/lowercase characters and numbers is completely up to you and your preferences. Passwords created in this way are incomparably more difficult to crack with brute force – unlike passwords in the „passwords“ and „12341234“ category.

The crown jewel of SaferPass is the Secure Me function. Thanks to this feature, all devices, where SaferPass is installed and logged in, can communicate with each other. This opens up doors to perks such as remote erasure of browsing history and/or cookies, not to mention the ability to remotely log out of all your profiles which you’ve left unattended. When you leave your devices with a signed-in account – let’s say your internet banking – you can easily log out using the SaferPass app from your smart phone. Surely, we do not need to emphasize the number of situations this elegant solution can potentially save.

Currently, SaferPass supports the Google Chrome browser for PCs and Macs as well as the Safari Browser for iOS devices. In the coming future, support for more of the major browsers is planned.


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SaferPass is also available
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