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Set it and Forget it!

Those people lucky ones that own a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie oven or those even luckier ones, who have just seen what is quite possibly the most popular infomercial of all time. You know that to cook two 5lb chickens, a 8lb pork loin roast or enough sausages to feed a small army is as easy as put the meat in, set the timer and ‘set it and forget it!’

But know the only question that remains is what to do with the 3 plus hours spent waiting for all of that questionably unnecessary meat to actually cook.

Luckily, the SaferPass password manager and the internet world have that covered too without having to even learn a new catchy tag-line. With SaferPass rather than remembering hundreds of passwords for Facebook, Youtube, 9gag and the numerous sites needed to waste three hours on the Internet you can also just ‘set it and forget it’.

Set it and Forget it 3

It works like this.

Step 1. Install the SaferPass extension in Chrome with a few simple clicks

Step 2. Visit any website you need to login to

Step 3. Type in your details, Press the patented ‘login with SaferPass’ button

And then ‘Set it and forget it’!

Next time you visit that website 3 minutes later to see what new revelation Chuck Norris has to share about Pokemon Go, you will be automatically logged in without clicking a single button. Precious extra seconds to spend stalking your newly engaged ex on Facebook as you smell that delicious 13lb butter rubbed turkey roasting away.

How is that possible?

Well it’s actualy simple. The SaferPass password manager does all the hard brain work for you, so that you can have ultra-secure and unique passwords, for every website, every time. It encrypts your passwords, then stores them in an encrypted database on our servers, which only you can then access using your master password, anytime you need them.

No more fumbling with bits of sticky notes on your desk, trying to remember your entire families birthdays in reverse or trusting your little brother to never use your computer with all of your passwords saved in your browser. What are the chances he would ever want to make revealing comments about your love for your boss or teacher on Twitter anyway?

With SaferPass you can generate unique, virtually unbreakable passwords, for every site you visit but then never have to remember anything other than your master password to access them at anytime, on any device where you have the SaferPass extension installed. That includes your smartphone, tablet and all your computers at home, school or your office.

You can even use your saved passwords on a friend’s computer or public computer where you can quickly install SaferPass. Just remember to logout when you are done and walk away knowing your login details have never been seen by us and won’t be seen by that slightly questionable looking man in the long brown trench coat behind you.

But wait, there’s more!

Unlike other companies like Google, Microsoft, or Mozilla – which all allow you to trust them with your passwords and then sync them across your devices – we don’t ask or even want to know your passwords. In fact, we can’t even tell you what they are if you ask. They are all encrypted on your computer. This means you don’t have to worry about if you can trust us (although you definitely can!) to not snoop in to your passwords, or worry about our servers being hacked and your passwords for everything being stolen in one feel swoop.

We use the highest levels of security on our servers and are industry leaders in the encryption systems we employ, but even if the worst did ever happen, the only thing the hackers would ever get would be a bunch of unreadable junk data. This is because the information we store about your passwords is only accessible with your secret master password, which only you will ever have.

In fact, we can’t even reset that for you, so if you do lose your master password you will have to reset your password database, cook another delicious pork loin roast and surf the internet for a few hours looking at lolzcats and endless selfies, while also quickly clicking the SaferPass button to save your passwords again via the simple and secure browser extension.

So the final message here is that while SaferPass password manager is both simple and secure, allowing you to just input your password once for each website and then ‘set it and forget it’, please do try your best not to set and forget your master password as well!

Jos Henson

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