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Expecto Patronum!

Boo! Mummy crackers, cyber vampires feasting on the time spent on password recovery, weak-password zombies, data-dementors…

Besides creatures from the underworld, there are even more scary beings in the online world. The cyber attackers are practicing witchcraft to steal your login credentials and use them for their malevolent rituals. In medieval times black wizards needed a piece of victim’s clothes or a strand of hair to cast a spell. However, with all the technology available on the internet nowadays it’s getting much easier. They can get your online identity and login to access all your secrets that are held in online caves —blocked by a huge rock requiring just a magic password. We all can hope that this magic spell is more complicated than “open sesame”.

In case it isn’t we can teach you a few magic tricks on how to protect you and your accounts:

  1. use a different spell for every cave holding your treasure
  2. even though 7 is a special number, your spell should have at least 12 characters… the more, the merrier
  3. put a guardian in front of your cave, by enabling two-factor authentication everywhere you can*
  4. Expecto Patronum! Let SaferPass be your protector; hence you don’t need to cast spells every time you want login into your accounts
  5. VPN can cloak your device and protect your connection from all the things that go bump in the night, just as Halloween costumes can hide your identity from monsters and zombies
  6. never use one of these super-easy spells to protect your account:

123456789 or 111111111 or 12345

Fortunately, there are also white wizards who are here to protect you from threats from the dark side of the internet. One of them is Troy Hunt who made a collection of over half a billion spells which have previously appeared in data breaches with the intention to use them as a blacklist. We have integrated this list of leaked spells, so now you can easily check in SaferPass if some of your spells were mentioned in data-breach and float in dangerous dark waters. You can find this feature in SaferPass Security report.

For the magic atmosphere, we used a unique Halloween vocabulary 😉

a spell = password
white wizards = people who make an online world a better place, white-hat hackers
witches, black wizards, data-vampires = cyber attackers, online thieves, black-hat hackers
cave = account

* Two-factor authentication means that even if Data-vampire should get hold of your magic spells (username and password), that creature still can’t access your cave — it still needs an extra code (typically sent to your phone)

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SaferPass is also available
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