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3 Ways to Use SaferPass for Android

The Android users have finally got their wish fulfilled – a mobile version of SaferPass for all their favorite devices. Now, they don’t need to rely solely on the SaferPass extension installed in their browsers but they can synchronize it with the mobile app on their smartphones and tablets. For all of those, who couldn’t wait for the SaferPass Android app to come, we have a brief overview of its use. Read on and find out how to get the most out of the mobile version of SaferPass.

SaferPass for mobile devices is in no way inferior to its brother for desktop computers – it basically offers the same powerful functions:


1. Password Manager

Whether you plan to use the same SaferPass account on your phone as you use on your home computer or you will create a new one, is not paramount. In both cases all of your login credentials will be encrypted and securely stored under a single PIN code which is the only one you’ll need to remember from that point onward.  If you shop online using mobile devices often, you’re surely familiar with the pain of typing out your email and password on a touch screen. With SaferPass, you’ll be using only one PIN code to access all of your accounts, making it much easier.

With all accounts in one place you are freed from remembering all your passwords. You can make full use of the next function of SaferPass – The Random Password Generator.

2. Random Password Generator

When taking into account the ease of logging in using SaferPass’ master password, you’ll no longer have to worry about long and hard-to-remember passwords. Secure your accounts by creating new, random and complex passwords using the random password generator directly in the app. Use the newly created passwords for your accounts and don’t worry about remembering a single one – SaferPass will do that for you and your accounts will be much more resistant against brute force attacks.

3. Secure Me

If you’re among those who regularly and often forget to lock their computers or log out of all their online services after using them, the Secure Me function is a total life-saver. Not only can you erase your browsing history but the cookie files as well – this will in effect, log you out off all the accounts that you’ve left open at your computer when you left. All of this can be done remotely, using only the SaferPass app on your phone. You just need to launch the app and tap on the Secure Me function in the main menu. Confirm what should be erased and there! – instant logout, history cleared and that very precious feeling of calmness. For practical examples of using the Secure Me function, don’t forget to check out our article containing users’ first-hand experiences with SaferPass.

We highly recommend to secure your login data and your privacy this way, if not for the practicality, then for the fact that Android’s open OS tends to attract more digital threats (not to mention that the Google Play Store contains an alarming amount of dangerous and phony malware apps, designed to infiltrate your system).


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