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Secure Me – the feature that will change your life


We have already presented the SaferPass’ Secure Me feature in our introductory blogs, but this time, we wanted to give it more attention, as it is a very useful solution for a common problem. We recommend a closer look for everyone, who uses several devices regularly to log in to their various web accounts, and then tend to forget to log out when leaving said device.

For the first step, you naturally have to have a SaferPass account already and the app installed on your mobile device, as well as in your computer browser as an extension. In case you still haven’t got an account, install Saferpass in your Chrome browser and create one using the registration screen. If you already have an account, simply log in.


Open the main menu and choose the Secure Me option. Here you can see an overview of all the devices, that you currently have connected through the SaferPass app. On the top of the list is the active device, which you are currently using, below that are all others. For this example, we have two iOS devices – an iPhone and an iPad – and a Google Chrome browser on a laptop.

secureMe2Now you can choose, which device to log out of with a tap on the red button on the right side. If you want to log out of all the devices at once, simply tap “Secure all sessions” in the top right corner. Before the Secure Me feature activates, a prompt will appear and ask if you want to delete the cookies and your browsing history on the device/s. If you want to remotely log out of accounts such as Gmail, Facebook and others, just check the delete cookies option, which will have the effect of logging you out of all the accounts, that you’ve left logged in on the given device.


As you can see, logging out of your accounts and deleting cookies or browsing history remotely is very simple and straightforward. Forget the worries about your colleagues at work, that like to have a little fun when they find you haven’t logged out of your account, forget the unpleasantness in your personal life when using the same computer as your partner. These are of course “less problematic” cases, Secure Me primarily ensures the complete security of your sensitive accounts and data, to which a potential attacker could gain access to. If you still haven’t tried it in your SaferPass application, we urge you to do so. You will surely love it.

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SaferPass is also available
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