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#PrivacyMatters for SaferPass. In the new release, available in Chrome Store, we’ve added several features that were demanded from users worldwide and improved the overall user experience. So from now on, you can securely store your credit card information and without your Master Password or the actual credit card, no one will ever access it.


Chrome Extension 5.15.0

  • Website families + Subdomains overview
    Sites like + and Amazon websites in different countries will now be grouped inside accounts list.
    And for a better overview of subdomains, you will see the subdomain under the username.
  • Email address validation
    We all know the feeling when you mistype your email address, to prevent any confusion during registration, SaferPass will validate your SaferPass registration email address and let you know if there should be any typos ( ->
  • If you should find anything that we should improve
    Simply click the “Report issue” either inside the username list or when the notification appears, and we will take care of it.
  • Switch between Generate password and Account list easily
    Because of the variety of all websites, it can happen that sometimes a login form is recognized as a registration form and vice versa, you are now able to switch between these two forms.

  • Breach warning
    SaferPass will inform you if one of the websites you have an account stored for experienced a data breach,
    directly on the website, inside account detail and inside the security report.
  • Credit cards support
    No need to write down all your credit card numbers on post-its or to carry them around, SaferPass will make your life easier.
  • Remember me for the Remember me option 🙂
    If you choose to stay logged in for a longer time on the login form, SaferPass will remember it on all upcoming logins.
  • Browser password export tool for Windows
  • Firefox import + 1Password import fix
  • Ciao, Hallo and Bonjour – support for Italian, Dutch and French language has been added



Chrome Extension 5.8.2

      • You can protect your accounts with one of the safest solutions nowadays, with our premium Two-Factor Authentication
        Once enabled, nobody will be able to login into your account, without entering a verification code, generated by your phone.
        You can enable two-factor authentication from you settings in the upcoming weeks. A short tutorial on TFA, will follow.


      • Creating an account was never easier, SaferPass will now suggest of more than 1000 top domains

      • The security report will display a helpful overview about all weak, duplicate and old passwords you are using

      • In case you are looking for an older password which you have used, we have implemented a new premium feature – Password history


      • Generate a new account password directly inside edit account

      • Chrome and Firefox password import has been added and LastPass and 1Password import is fixed

      • To make sure you are using secure password, we will display the strength of every password

      • To assure even more security to you, the default generated password length is now 16 characters

      • Improved detection of saving and filling account information

Chrome Extension 5.3.4

      • No more hassle from logging in too often, SaferPass will allow you to stay logged in longer.
        Just watch out before becoming too comfortable and forgetting your master password 😉


Chrome Extension 5.0.5

      • You can zoom the user interface now without hiding elements
      • Credit Cards PIN code limit is now up to 8 digits
      • Document handler account list will display a scrollbar by default if more accounts are available
      • Fast copy of password directly from account list
      • Password log is now accesible inside the settings
      • Document handler (form account list) can be closed with the Escape key

Chrome Extension 5.0.0

      • Caps lock detection

        Never miss caps lock turned on inside a password field.

      • Credit cards have received a brand new PIN field and security code + both are now display protected


      • Disable button is now available also on websites without any accounts stored and you can close the username list (document handler) with a new close button


      • Do not forget to login with new our form icons + a super convenient login button inside the login form


      • Hooray – less typing is here – autocomplete for already used usernames and URLs

        autocomplete-site autocomplete-username
      • Several form recognition quality improvements login popup payments (iframe inside popup window) will fix also several other sites
        Google changed their login process, so we needed to adapt


Chrome Extension 4.2.26

      • Store credit card information

        No need to carry all your credit cards around with you, if you just want pay something online. Simply store them securely inside SaferPass and have them ready on all your devices. All data is encrypted and only you have access to with your master password. Credit cards are accessible inside the left menu.

        add-credit-card credit-cards
      • Disable and report a not working website

        Form recognition of login fields is a very complex topic, and we are working daily on improving the quality of recognition. If you identify a problem, please report it, and we will fix the reported websites and let you know about, or perhaps if you do not wish to let SaferPass manage the account credentials on a particular website.

      • Manage disabled sites, inside settings

        Look for the settings inside the left menu.

      • Open login and registration tab on browser start

        To guarantee the highest security, we require a new login after the browser has been started. Several requests from you mentioned that you forget to do so, so we have included an automatic login screen after the browser start. Next version beginning of November will include a setting to disable this popup if you wish to do so.


      • Close open tabs for Premium users through Secure Me

        We are already helping you to secure your computer remotely with our unique Secure Me functionality. Just open Secure Me from the top menu, choose a device where you are still logged in and logout remotely from all websites, clear the browsing history and close the still opened tabs.

        secure-me session-details secure-session
      • New design and behavior of the username list

        The username list (a.k.a. document handler) will open up automatically inside login forms.



Chrome Extension 4.2.20

    • Username list(a.k.a. document handler) will automatically open up only if you have multiple usernames stored for the current website
    • Document handler fixes
    • Sharper design of the extension icon
    • Disclaimer links are now clickable in Portuguese
    • Open account list (document handler) when clicking directly inside the login forms
    • Focus on password field inside SaferPass login form if username is already prefilled
    • Add copy button to credit card number
    • Several fixes and improvements

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