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We are very excited about the release of our SaferPass Business product and appreciate your help in giving us your feedback.

Naturally with being a beta product there are some limitations and areas that require improvement which is why your feedback will be valuable to the developers.

At present, there can be only one administrator per company, it will be the first user, who registers. If you are an existing user of SaferPass for consumers, because SaferPass Business is a completely new infrastructure and database, upon registration you will not see any of your existing SaferPass accounts and you will either need to add them or to import the accounts from your old SaferPass account (old extension Settings → Export, new extension Settings → Import). We are working on a seamless migration of accounts. As well as having multiple administrators and many more features.
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Registration process

Step 1: Register as Administrator

To start with SaferPass Business, please register for a SaferPass Business account. We recommend you to do this on your desktop computer.

Step 2: Activate

You will receive an activation email from support@saferpass.com. Please follow the instructions.

Step 3: Add users

Once you log in, you will see the team management console accessible via https://console.saferpass.net. This is where you can add users.

Once the users are added, they will need to verify their email address and register for an account. Due to security and encryption, every added user needs to be confirmed by the administrator in the console after they have registered.

Step 4: Add the browser extension

After the administrator account is setup and the users are confirmed, you can install SaferPass Business browser extension and login.

For other download options click here.

That’s it!

You are now all set up to start using SaferPass Business.


How to share an account from one user to another:

Step 1

Click the Share account button to get started.

Shared by me step - 1

Step 2

Enter the email of the user you want to share the account with.

How to receive a shared account from another user:

Step 1

The second user will see a red dot notification inside the app.

Shared with me step - 1

Step 2

Confirm the new shared account in Sharing center. 


The new account will appear inside the account list.

Shared with me step - 3
You will always be able to see all the “Shared by me” and “Shared with me” accounts inside the sharing center. Please let us know if you have any questions.  Your feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and help!

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SaferPass is not providing any new premium subscriptions,
if you need any further assistance please reach out to support@saferpass.com

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SaferPass is also available
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Stay up-to-date on the new platforms