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Secure Me – The Silent Guardian of the Forgetful

Usefulness of the Secure Me function included in SaferPass’ password manager doesn’t have to be explained in detail. Its main purpose is to allow remote logging out of your accounts by a tapping an app on your smartphone. You can surely imagine the many situations in which this “superpower” can save the day …if you know you can do that!
We decided to share two stories of our users who had forgotten to log out and without Secure Me these stories would end up a lot worse or at least embarrassing – with the joke being on the forgetful one of course.

Rescue from humorous colleagues

“At our company we have relatively loose relationships around the workspace and there are many opportunities for practical jokes – one of the favorites being the “retribution for the forgetful”. Anyone who forgets to log out of website accounts or god forbid to lock their screen, gets to be the butt of some “extremely” funny joke, like using post-its to cover the whole workstation or the abuse of one’s Facebook, Gmail or Skype account to send various ridiculous and hilarious messages to random contacts. I, myself have become a victim of these jokes a few times already and yet, can’t seem to get control over my forgetfulness.After leaving work one day, already on my way home, I received a message from my diligent colleague, who stayed late in the office with a couple of others that day.

Others were already collecting necessary items and material for another revenge on my own person but this time, I didn’t get worried. I opened the SaferPass app on my phone and logged out of all my accounts that I’d left opened using the Secure Me function. Sadly, I couldn’t lock the screen remotely as well, so I did find a rather obscene desktop background when I came to the office next day. But at least I didn’t have to explain to my friends and family – again – why I keep sending unflattering movie and book recommendations … or, my favorite, suddenly informing them of my moving to Iceland.”

Standing on the edge

“I work for a company which processes personal data of users of other companies and we have very strict policies on matters of logging out and on the whole issue of network security. Each time trespasses against these policies, he or she gets a warning – get three during a period of time and you’re looking at a merciless termination of employment. Unfortunately, I belong to those users which tend to forget about security policies on a regular basis.

I’ve already collected two warnings in just a few days, so I was nervous, naturally, and taking really great care, not to break any other rules or regulations. I must admit that I’d failed miserably. The fault was in a very stressful call I received from my son’s martial arts school which he attends after regular school. I was informed that there was some sort of conflict situation with another student and that I must come immediately to settle this situation along with the parents of said student. So while thinking about my little hellspawn and what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into, I grabbed my jacket and phone and left in a hurry, and of course completely forgot to lock the screen, as well as to log out of the company email account, filled to the brim with sensitive data. I realized it on my way over to the martial arts school and by then it was too late to return in time for me to correct my mistake before they closed the building for the night. I was well aware of the fact that the head of IT would show up next morning among first arrivals and will definitely see my computer unlocked and logged in to the email account. What saved me was the simple fact that I’ve installed SaferPass a couple of days ago, in light of my two warnings, to protect me from precisely these kinds of situations. So, I’ve logged out of the account remotely using my phone and hoped that the unlocked screen by itself wouldn’t cause that much trouble. It didn’t save me from a strict lecture on locking screens the next day, but at least I’ve managed to keep my job.”

Secure Me simply excels where our minds fail and will never let you down, as you have seen from the stories of our forgetful users. If you tend to forget to log out of your accounts and don’t want to be bothered with creating and remembering long, complex passwords, do not hesitate to try the Secure Me function included in the SaferPass password manager for your browser and mobile devices.

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