SaferPass - The simple and secure password manager for individuals and companies

Protect your online privacy with top-notch password manager and keep your data synchronized across your devices.

Keep your Company data safe. Store and share your online accounts with your team, and manage their access and activity.

Free your mind from remembering passwords.​

SaferPass will take care of that and protect your online identity


Let SaferPass autofill your sign-in information and passwords.

Password generator

Generate strong, secure and unique passwords to protect your accounts.

Secure Notes

Store and organize passport numbers, wi-fi settings and more with encrypted Secure Notes.


Let Identities autofill contact information and keep your contacts organized.

Leak Check

SaferPass will check to see if any of your accounts have been compromised.

Security audit report

Security Report

The password summary provides a security audit of your stored data.

Multi Factor Authentication

Two-step verification is an extra layer of protection which provides extra security for your private data.

Password Sharing

Securely share accounts and passwords with your colleagues.

Password manager of the next generation

SaferPass is an innovative solution to safeguard your online identity. You will never have to worry again about forgetting your password or getting hacked as a result of your password not being strong enough. SaferPass will secure your online accounts and make your life easier.

Password Management for Teams and Companies

True control over security policy across company. Powerful easy-to-use admin console to keep your company data safe. Share passwords with your team securely, manage shared account access, create user groups and stay on the top of your company data security with security reports and activity logs.

Integration and access through all platforms

We offer the highest product standards and we listen to your online safety needs. You can access your information and passwords on your smart phone, laptop or tablet. Only YOU are granted access to your data through your master password, which is only known by you.

SaferPass encryption

Safety you can count on

We are a global company founded by consumer security and privacy veterans with offices in San Francisco and Slovakia. SaferPass stores all your files on Amazon servers where they are encrypted by the AES-256 algorithm, which is the current encryption standard. There is no way for anyone to decrypt the data without your master password. SaferPass will never be able to retrieve or see any user account information nor master password. Only you can unlock your account information.

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year per user
year per user
Free Trial30 days free trial
Automatic synchronization among all devices
Strong passwords generator
Secure notes
Offline access and data export
Remote logout from websites
Security report
Leaked password check
Two-factor authentication
Credit cards management
Identity management
Remotely clear browsing history
Remotely close open browser tabs
Password breach alerts
Password sharing
24/7 support
Credit card sharingcoming soon
Password security compliance reportcoming soon
Company Invoice
Team management console
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SaferPass is also available
on other platforms

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