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Yahoo has been hacked again, check out what you can do to prevent even bigger damage

Do you remember those funny times when Internet was a hot new universe waiting for you to explore it. There were not many websites you could visit, but you were able to browse them for hours. Then your first email came, most probably Yahoo, right? Maybe you don’t use this email anymore but despite this fact, it still exists and it may cause you more problems than you could think of.

In September, a huge hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts has been revealed. This specific hack was titled as the biggest hack ever. But Yahoo apparently likes to break records. On Wednesday, they announced yet another massive hack, when one billion accounts were hacked.

Maybe it doesn’t seem so serious to you. But what would you say if some unknown not reliable people know your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions?

What are the steps you should follow now?

  •  log in to Yahoo and change your password, security questions and answers. The fact that you don’t use this account won’t protect you. Don’t forget to keep in mind that you should use a unique sophisticated password that you don’t use on any other website. The easiest way how you can create a safe password is by using the SaferPass password generator.
  • change password on all other websites where you used this same password. Most people are guilty of reusing the same password. It’s a common practice that users do daily. However it can not be stressed out more how dangerous it is.

  • log in to all other websites you use daily and change your security questions and answers. This may seem like a time consuming work, but your Yahoo security questions were not encrypted thus the hackers had free access to them. It can be quite difficult to remember all the security questions and your answers. Therefore to make your life easier, you can use notes in the SaferPass extension and keep them saved and protected.
  • delete all accounts that you don’t use anymore. If you didn’t use this particular account for last four years, what is the probability that you will use it in the future? Lower than today, trust us.
  • enable the two-step verification on all the websites you plan to keep and use in the future.

These steps will help you in the moment of crisis however the good password management will help you achieve a secure browsing and online presence.

Image credits: @tenz1225

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